Apply will be in trouble with losing cool factor

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (SteveWozniak) on Wednesday issued Apple CEO (flipbook converter)Tim Cook (TimCook) and other executives warned that the company must maintain a "cool" state, otherwise it will be trouble.


Wozniak said in the interview with Bloomberg News on Wednesday, although Apple is still "quite good at using a new device to set the industry standard, but is beginning to lose the status as the coolest company in the technology industry at the time. He said: "We used to have this ad: 'I'm a Mac is a PC', while the Mac has always been cool enough but now we are feeling the pain, because to some extent, we are lose it all.


Wozniak said that Apple's products are no longer able to easily overtake Amazon and Google's competitive product, because those companies "have a great idea. He pointed out that Apple should consider at least for the Android and Windows Phone (page flipping book) users open iTunes.


Over the last few months, Wozniak and Apple-related remarks have been quite outspoken. In October last year, he accused Apple "arrogant" to believe that its own is the "only has the right clues company issued a lament for the company. In November last year, Wozniak called worried that Apple habit of shoddy latest iPhone, the industry has slightly behind. He also initiated late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs attacked, called the original does not have to always against the others and make them feel ashamed ".


Although many negative remarks, Wozniak Bloomberg said he still hopes that Apple will release rumors iWatch smart watch, and said he would buy this product.

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