Printed chocolate with 3D printer

According to Dutch media reports, this "printer" recently in an exhibition held in Eindhoven on appearance, many food manufacturers and the general public interest. Researcher at the Netherlands National Institute of Applied Science, Keye De Van Bommel said: "traditional printer can print on paper text and images, 3D printing technology (pdf flip page creator) developed in recent years also can" print "small plastic and metal products. 3D food printer is"unique."


Van Bommel said this machine by the control computer and automation ingredients syringe delivery device parts. User first pick like shape in the computer pre-stored more than 100 kinds of three-dimensional shape, and then click on the "Print" on the nozzle of the syringe will jet out the ingredients and produce a three-dimensional layers "Print" small dessert.


It is reported that the current price of the machine of thousands of euros. But Van Bommel said, the price of five years so that the machine can be reduced to about a few hundred euros, the future can make any shape of food according to the user's vision.

The researchers believe that the 3D food printer (digital brochure maker)"to contribute to the use of new ingredients, production of non-traditional foods easily. Such as food processing to extract the protein from algae, then "print" into a high-protein foods, "This is not only environmentally friendly, but also help to alleviate the food production, food supply problems.

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