New Super Battery to complete mobile phone charge in seconds

Currently, U.S. scientists developed a super battery, they are referred to as micro graphene super capacitor charge (page flip publisher) and discharge rate is 1,000 times faster than ordinary batteries. This super battery using the carbon layer constituting the thickness of the single-atom, can be easily manufactured and integrated into a device, the future is expected to manufacture smaller phone.


The research team said this technology breakthrough in the shortest possible time on the phone and the car fast charge, at the same time can be used to manufacture smaller devices. University of California, Los Angeles School of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Richard - Kahn said: "There are challenges to the collection of electronic circuit design and manufacture of energy storage unit, often limited to the overall system miniaturization."


In order to develop such a miniature super battery, the researchers use two-dimensional graphene layer thickness in the third dimensional level of only a single atom. Meanwhile, the research team found that this new type of battery can be easily manufactured using a standard DVD burner.


Kahn said: "The traditional method of manufacturing a miniature super capacitor involves intensive lithography, but proved difficult to manufacture low-cost device, therefore limited in the field of commercial applications based public LightScribe DVD burning technology, can produce graphene miniature super capacitor only part of the traditional device cost. using this technique, we use cheap materials manufactured in a CD-ROM with over 100 micro super battery only less than 30 minutes. "


Latest design super battery, the researchers used the interdigitated model (pdf to flash page flip converter) and the electrode side. This will help to maximize the surface area of the two electrodes, although this will also reduce the electrolyte ions diffusion path. Eventually this super battery can store more power, faster completion of charging. The researchers said that people can even be done at home this super battery manufacturing.

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