7 Fatal Errors of Developing Mobile Applications

1. Complex function

For example, to bump this application is used to share data between the mobile phone. The beginning of the application support to share music, popular applications, contact information, pictures, and other content, the user does not know it can do in the end developer later cut other functions, only the contact information and pictures to share, it was a success. Simple means easy means be interpreted, means better market.


2. Inconsistent

Maintain the unity of the design style, here is the relative users use style. Page for the user how to use the menus, labels, buttons and user interface, to set up a unified style, set the window to jump out or jump presented in detail to that interface. This user application (pdf to flippingbook) is more intuitive and easier to retain users.


3. Over-designed

Imagine the style of Steve Jobs: When you designed to ensure that it is no longer simple! Design your application must be "ruthless": cut off the extra visual tricks, no specific element, dispensable picture, the core of the design is elected in the most unnecessary truly necessary.


4. Too slowly to load

Users may never experience will not be considered when the user loads cause the application on the 3G network load too slowly, because the CPU cause your beautiful animated loading delay, load time-consuming animation, big picture, background, let least loading data.


5. Verbiage

See your label text and menu is not a bit wordy, if your applications began to appear signs of failure, if you write your own bad should please a good person to help you write, you have to believe in description of someone else's application are carefully edited, consider carefully, because they are well versed in the details determine success or failure.


6 Does not follow the platform style

Each platform has a unique style of each platform, you must understand the habits of your platform, this platform user habits. Do not put forward a four finger from left to right of the page, or two fingers to drag the dialog box in order to create something new to learn Mac on Win. It simple, fool-like.


7. Help-and-FAQ-it is

Take a look at the best applications (flip book PDF), they provide Help choose. Attach only a Help to your users revealed a signal: you're not sure and you do not have confidence in their own applications.

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