Chrome OS will achieve the success like Android

Chrome OS is Liunx kernel-based R & D light computer open source operating system of Google, which is officially released in Beijing on December 8, 2010. At that time, a lot of IT enthusiasts after the trial have said are not optimistic about the future of Chrome OS (flippingbook), but after two years of development, Chrome OS is still made some achievements.


Chrome OS use traffic from last June, according to a set of data, up to now. It has surged by 700%, Chrome OS the overall share is also accounted for 0.07%, although still lags behind the release of the Linux system, but independent of the user accounted for 0.18% of the total cumulative increase of about three times.


In addition, due to cheap Chrome OS, and unified management background, future Chrome OS notebook share continues to expand, the Chrome OS with various vendors started trial production at the same time, the proportion of the next period of time Chrome OS will still rapid rise.


A fatal flaw, but does not affect the future of Chrome OS

Chrome OS defects mentioned, perhaps the first reaction of many users is that Chrome OS is inseparable from the network, this should be wandering around in the cloud system, once leaving the network, what things may be accomplished, even if it can now be used offline, but can’t exchange data with the network, this Chrome OS will become the the others mouth of jokes addition, Chrome OS also has functional defects (actually Chrome web application store will solve this problem).


Although Microsoft and Intel PC Union (flipbook creator professional) still rule the vast majority of the market share, while Chrome has the above fatal flaws and shortcomings, but unified user experience Chrome OS and cloud world will certainly captured by the user's heart.


The Chrome OS Why can copy the success of Android?

Began this title, let's review five years ago, at that time, Steve Jobs conference extracted from the brown paper bag MacBook Air, is the unlimited creative move to let the world marvel at the beauty of the MacBook Air notebook, thin, but surprised after, we think Apple's MacBook Air is a monster. To drive no optical drive (at that time the drive is standard), only a USB interface, small capacity but the high price of solid-state hard drive as well as more Guards actually no Ethernet interface (at that time the wireless network is not yet universal) . But it is such a monster in today has become advertised successful people as well as high-level white-collar equipped machine.

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