iPhone can’t beat Windows Phone in seven countries

Frank Shaw (pdf to digital magazine software), Microsoft's vice president, said in the interview, shipments of Windows Phone in the fourth quarter of last year, seven different markets than Apple's iPhone, this result is very good.


Windows Phone sales in the past year did the gradual growth, according to IDC's data show, Frank Shaw said is true, but the real data but does not like what he said so brilliant.


The New York Times Bits blog for Frank Shaw remarks have interviewed the IDC's staff, the answer is Microsoft's Windows Phone platform does like Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and some smaller countries or regions, such as Croatia and other European central and eastern areas than Apple's iPhone sales.


There is no doubt that this is a very big market in those markets in the fourth quarter of last year, at least three market sales of Windows Phone is lower than the hundreds of thousands of words in these markets WP mobile phone sales higher than iPhone, then the actual iPhone shipments will be lower than about 100,000.


In the shadow of Android globalization shadow, Windows Phone sales only at a very slow rate climbed, but in some small areas, they have done well. But the face of a larger market, where the industry ecosystem more complex, from the current situation, and Microsoft and Windows Phone has not taken any effective measures to open up these markets.


IDC analyst Kevin Restivo (flipping book) said Microsoft in these small markets do very well in the world of Windows Phone, Nokia is resurgent. High prices and excessive operator subsidies of iPhone is leading to this phone in a lot of small markets and lack of recognition, which gave opportunities for Windows Phone.


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