How Google Engineers solve the proliferation of junk phone problem?

The Robocall the proliferation of garbage Phone miserable, and the Robocall monthly consumer complaints from as many as 200,000, is making the Federal Trade Commission a headache.


Google (pdf to page flip) headquarters in Mountain View, two engineers Daniel Klein and Dean Jackson, groups of individuals Aaron the FOSS and programmers Serdar Danis technical proposals are expected to be solved to some extent the proliferation of junk phone.


They are the winner of the Federal Trade Commission had resolved Reward Robocall call spam program initiated Challenge Robocall Challenge activities. The event received a total of nearly 800 programs assessed from the perspective of functionality, feasibility, and ease of use, the Federal Trade Commission today announced the three winners of the list.


Consumer complaints, they usually ask the Federal Trade Commission, "why can’t shield Gmail spam as shield Robocall. Google engineer Daniel Klein and Dean Jackson solutions just similar to Google's spam filtering technology - the technology encourages users to always submitted to the online database junk phone number. In the background, whenever a call comes in, a mobile phone or an external device will automatically match an existing database, shielding the "real" number, monitor the call volume, frequency, and allocate incoming ratio.


Serdar Danis solutions with Google engineers are similar. He suggested that the external device (mobile applications can be installed or provide a service) automatically write the telephone number database whitelists, blacklists and grey listing. According to both data monitoring an incoming call is a telephone fraud.


Aaron Foss program called Nomorobo, the principle of the program is through call forwarding (most of the phone comes with this feature) automatically to intercept illegal Robocall phones. Nomorobo can also create a white list, gray list. And before you pick up the phone to determine the Robocall (turn rtf,txt,image into flip book) whether legitimate illegal call, hang up before the phone rang.

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