Why original news experiment of Tumblr failed?

Storyboard beginning of creation, Tumblr defined Storyboard project into a predicament. Storyboard on-line, Storyboard Executive Editor Jessica Bennett (Jessica Bennett) had said: "Tumblr has 90 million users. Those users are creating, to observe and participate in all forms of fascinating cultural If you Tumblr (flash magazine software) as a city, a high proportion of young people are a very large city then the Storyboard Tumblr is like the city's local newspaper.


Storyboard team making the content issued by a range of partners, including the magazine of "Time" magazine, Newsweek's news website The Daily Beast, MTV, and New York magazine. Storyboard provides the vast majority of content, are very high quality, interesting report. These elements are able to qualify as "news reports", but also can be called "branded content". Investment by the editorial department, and then sold to other publishers, Tumblr able to get from what?


Admittedly, as the Storyboard Editor Chris Mohney (pdf2flash) Network Media Capital New York interview, he pointed out that the story of Tumblr is very traditional reports, "we have done is like journalism marketing." The idea is to show the the Tumblr community members engaged things inspire creative talent to showcase their best work on the Tumblr platform.


No matter Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, their core is sharing the network, rather than the issuing company. They play a platform for others to create the content, and then let the user community to quickly spread. Own assets around building high-strength limit the consequences of this shared activities, the mean abandoning decide when and the manner in which these contents to the right of the public to explore. The Storyboard in alliances with other partners on a success, but the story of the Storyboard has been with marketing flavor, which is now known as the "soft advertising. As we all know, this approach ultimately will not have Tumblr work. According to Fletcher's comments, Facebook Stories will eventually face a similar fate and Storyboard.


Professional networking site LinkedIn, on the other hand, although manufacturing as one of the core business, but it is to understand their role as a platform. LinkedIn's iPad application is a personalized news reader. LinkedIn does not commission to produce their content. On the contrary, the company hosting and distribution of content produced by third-party publishers.



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