Intel acquired Software Vendor Mashery

intel acquired mashery

April 18 news, Intel acquired a company headquartered in San Francisco today recognized enterprise software vendors Mashery (page flip book creator). The industry believes that the price of the deal may be the latter recently valued at $ 60 million 2-3 times, is expected to be between $ 1.2-1.8 billion. Mashery currently has 125 employees. Intel spokeswoman Laura Anderson said that, Mashery will become the part of the Intel Software and Services Group, by the company's executive vice president Renee James direct leadership.


Mashery was founded in 2006 and the company's main business is connected to the web-based software and services. Clients include "USA TODAY", Comcast, Expedia, Klout, Associated Press, ESPN, BestBuy 170 brand manufacturers, related to the development of 20 million.


Acquisition of significant

Major is deal for Intel significance. Intel this year continue to be bleak, its first-quarter net profit fell 25%. This suggests that the PC industry, more and more depressed backdrop, Intel has realized that the CPU will no longer be a chip, but the entire network. Intel has come to the point had to find another way out.


Intel Mashery in the bag, the intention has been very clear - Intel from the hardware vendors to the hardware and software integrated IT service companies in transition. Intel is expected to not only sell chips, but also selling services.


The Mashery focus on business management API, the API is the common language of the Internet and it can help to connect different services according to preset rules. For example, the Facebook platform is actually a series of API, Foursquare API Help other applications such as the Evernote and Instagram visit the location database. The facts have shown that applies to consumer applications of the technology will also be applicable to enterprise customers from enterprise users, but also can be a good application. For example, Comcast using Mashery's API management services to let the programmer into the company's internal system. This is an internal software development a more rational way, can save a lot of time and expense.


However, for some small companies, to create an API management system is too costly. In addition, enterprise users do not want to create a proprietary API system. Therefore, Mashery a business grew and grew.


As early as November 2012, Intel began cooperation with Mashery (pdf to flipbook online converter) was mainly Mashery's API management tools and Intel is to integrate information security products. Through the acquisition of Mashery, Intel will establish a more complete cloud computing infrastructure, because the majority of cloud software services through the API and other services to connect.


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