What Google do for Environmental Protection?

As a global technology companies that have at least 36 large data centers, Google has been in the area of ​​environmental protection efforts. Because the data center energy consumption, the bulk of scientific and technological enterprises, and a lot of power consumption means that the location of the data center power plants to generate the corresponding size of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.


Renewable Energy Tariff (RET) before the proposal, Google in clean energy plan three:

1) On-site Generation: This project refers to Google to set up their own clean energy equipment, such as its headquarters in Mountain View build a 1.7 million-watt solar array. In this case, to the extent permitted by state law, but also by a third-party service providers and technology companies to install and maintain clean energy equipment.

2) Renewable Energy Certificates: REC, is a right to prove, not electricity transmission, and it is not the creation of Google. REC parallel and renewable energy solutions, in this case, the purchase of REC certificate (pdf to flip book maker) can declare a particular renewable energy attributes and benefits of ownership. This right mainly to solve the local green energy products, science and technology enterprises can still support by purchasing REC other areas of renewable energy development and environmental protection.

3) Power Purchase Agreements: energy purchase agreement, valid for up to 20 years. The signing of the PPA, Google (pdf to flash page flip) will help clean energy developers to obtain the funds needed to pay the new clean energy facilities; exchange for, Google has the right to access to clean energy and renewable energy certificates (REC) at an affordable price, to help reduce carbon emissions. The principle of operation of the PPA is very simple: Google purchase of energy from renewable project developers> and then sold back to the grid at wholesale prices to the energy> REC used in data centers using non-renewable energy.


From the above three green energy projects, we can see that science and technology enterprises in order to participate in the plan to reduce carbon emissions, can only build their own energy facilities, such as a solar array and the like or the right to purchase REC prove, or PPA scheme like Google (this is not any business is eligible to start) achieved indirectly.


In short, power plants and state regulatory agencies do not provide a direct demand procurement of clean energy for large technology companies. Even technology companies hope that the use of clean energy and is willing to pay, but the power plant is not such a product.


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