Let your phone get a job for you

Application business has been extended to software developers and Apple (Apple Inc.) and Google (pdf to flipbook converter) this technology outside the corporate giants, more and more people by the impact of this trend, Deadeye Rick is one of them.Mobile applications throughout the United States gave birth to a series of new employment opportunities, people do not have to have a degree in computer science practitioners. 


Prospective taxi drivers are Lyft and Uber this carpool traffic applications are to make money, as well as people use Postmates delivery applications such as doing the work of the couriers, or "the Parking Panda" application to rent your own private driveway. In fact, smart phones and tablet PCs generally have a built-in camera, network connections and global positioning system-allows almost everyone can become a mobile businessman or Courier. Mobile applications, expansion reminiscent of the early Internet era of the 1990s, when Americans realize that they can on their desktop computers through eBay (eBay Inc.) and Yahoo auction (free flash book creator) this site to Customer sales of goods. 


Despite the lack of data for non-software developer economies of scale associated with the application, but the venture capitalists said the increasing interest in the mobile application market. Menlo Park, California Trinity Ventures risk investment company venture capital Patricia Naka Shi, Patricia Nakache said: "by renting your car to pay for cars, or rent your apartment earn rent, are very good idea." The Trinity Ventures company's investment projects, including a sale of the old children's clothing applications thredUP. 


The Poshmark company's chief executive Manish Chandra said he had the idea is to attract those who make a living by this application users. He said: "Today the people with their phones have an emotional link. I think that our users see it." These applications are in different ways to pay wages. Courier Postmates can get a delivery fee of 70-80%, the amount of from five dollars to 20 dollars, but the company will not meddle in the tip. Lyft driver at least 80% of the fare received for themselves. 


Currently, the jobs created by the mobile applications there are few full-time jobs. Tiffany Jackson, 27-year-old, who lives in Woodlands, Texas (The Woodlands), engaged in the day-to-day technical support work. She used the rest day, use the Quri design a mobile application called EasyShift earn extra money. With this application, you can use smart phones to large manufacturing company record inventory, shelf and other market data, which earns fees. 


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